New Instagram challenge sees people share unflattering photos of pets

dogs pulling funny faces
They will definitely cheer you up (Picture: Getty)

During lockdown we saw a wave of Instagram challenges, from people using pillows as dresses to individuals making couture fashion outfits from bits and bobs lying around the house.

Then these challenges went quiet for a while… until now.

A new movement is sweeping both Instagram and Twitter and it involves people posting incredibly unflattering photos of their beloved canines.

As the name suggests, ‘The Unflattering Dog Photo Challenge’ is providing plenty of laughs for social media users and some of the snaps are truly outstanding.

Whether they’ve been caught pulling a goofy face, yawning or enjoying their favourite treat, the dogs which feature in the posts appear to be living their best lives in their ‘unfiltered’ forms.

While it’s not clear who started this brilliant trend, it’s certainly picking up momentum with almost 2,000 posts with the hashtag #UnflatteringDogPhotoChallenge on Instagram and lots more on Twitter.

#unflatteringdogphotochallenge my boy Ernie— Danielleabelle (@Danielleabelle)
Some of our favourites include Daisy who was caught mid-action chewing on her sleeping crate, Ernie and his silly expression, pup Percy who was pictured in a sultry position after having half her coat shaved off and Suzy with her tongue hanging out.

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Feast on some of these brilliant snaps below…

#unflatteringdogphotochallenge our pup Percy after surgery this week— Toni Michelle Kelly (@ToniMKelly)

People can get in on the challenge by sharing their own picture with the hashtag and there’s no denying dog owners will have a few funny photos already saved on their camera rolls.

It’s worth pointing out that an ‘UnflatteringCatPhotoChallenge’ also exists on Instagram and Twitter and there are plenty of cat brilliant photos to enjoy, too.

In other dog news, an adorable dog wh o was reported missing was found in an unlikely spot – under his owner’s chair .

While a clever springer spaniel is teaching people ho w to correctly wear their masks on Facebook .

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