Nervous lurcher with 'so much love to give' marks 365 days in shelter

pictures of bandit the lurcher hanging out outside
What a cutie (Picture: RSPCA)
This is Bandit, a lovely lurcher who’s just spent his 365th day in an RSPCA shelter.

Bandit, eight, is a sociable boy who loves to run around, and his handler says he’s ‘so much love to give’.

He’s been through quite the transformation since being rescued by the charity from a multi-dog household where his needs weren’t being met.

When he first met the team at Great Ayton Animal Centre, in County Durham, he was very nervous. Emma Cosby, who takes care of him, said: ‘Bandit really struggled and didn’t even like to be touched. It took us a lot of time and patience to gradually introduce him to different people and how to be handled positively, but now he’s built some wonderful bonds with the team here.

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‘He enjoys a fuss and loves to spend time out and about with our staff and volunteers.

bandit the lurcher looking happily at the camera
Just a fun time guy (Picture: RSPCA)

‘He’s also a sociable boy and likes to go out for walks with his doggy friends but can still find the world and new people scary so needs an understanding owner who can give him the time and space he needs to settle and gain confidence.’

Bandit enjoys his zoomie periods off-lead before snuggling up in his bed for a long nap.

He’s also been enjoying walks with other dogs, he can get nervous with bouncy, boisterous dogs, so he’ll ideally need a home where he’s the only pet.

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bandit the lurcher chilling on grass outside
He’ll need an adult-only home (Picture: RSPCA)

The pooch will also benefit from having his own quiet space in the home where he can go when he wants to chill by himself.

He can be nervous about being touched, so hopeful adopters will have to work with him slowly, using positive enforcement to get him comfortable enough to trust you.

For this reason, Bandit shouldn’t live in a home with children.

He’s been muzzle trained and will wear one quite happily – the charity recommends he wear one for any situation which may make him uncomfortable, like visits to the vet.

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bandit the lurcher wearing his muzzle
He’s very chill about wearing his muzzle (Picture: RSPCA)

Emma said: ‘I just don’t understand why Bandit has received such little interest, it’s heartbreaking. Bandit dreams of the days he will find his new cosy home.

‘We understand that he’s nervous, and he’ll need committed owners who are willing to come and meet him multiple times before taking him home. But we fear that people are being put off from applying for him because of his muzzle and the misunderstanding around their use.

‘He has so much love to give, and we’re pleading with anyone who has been thinking of getting a dog to please consider him and give him a chance.’

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To find out more about Bandit online, you can contact the team via [email protected] or 0300 123 0743.

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