Nervous bride asks dog to join first look photos and its delightful

Bride with her black Labrador during her first look photos
A touching moment (Picture: Perri Farlow/Farlow Photography)

Wedding jitters are totally natural, especially as the bride and groom have all eyes on them throughout the event.

One bride from Alabama was nervous, so asked her bridesmaid to fetch her dog to calm her down. Bride Kristen Dupree of Alabama wanted her trusty companion, two-year-old labrador Zeke, by her side. She was hit with nerves as photographer Perri Farlow prepared to take first look photos – images capturing the raw emotions of couples before the big moment, either together or separately. Though ‘first look’ photos usually capture the first time the groom sees the bride, Perri caught a different behind the scenes shot.
When Zeke, who had been hanging out with the groomsmen, saw Kristen all dressed in her bridal get-up, Perri had her camera at the ready.

What she shot was a set of heartwarming images between the cutest dog and his human.

After Perri shared the images on her Facebook they went viral, with many others vowing to do the same thing for their first look pics.

Dog looking at his human owner - the bride
The best kind of photos (Picture: Perri Farlow/Farlow Photography)
Photographer Perri told ‘We had been shooting bridesmaid and bridal portraits for a while and Kristen needed a few minutes to calm her nerves before walking down the aisle.

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‘At the end of her bridal portraits, she requested that her matron of honour go get Zeke from the groomsmen’s room.

‘She asked me if I could shoot her “first look” with Zeke and I immediately agreed and thought it was such a cute idea!’

The stunning images have been shared on Facebook more than 47,000 times and Perri can’t believe all the attention.

Dog with lipstick mark
Bet he’s not too pleased about that (Picture: Perri Farlow/Farlow Photography)

She added: ‘As for the images going viral, I knew they would make such a great Facebook post even as I was snapping them but it’s hard to believe how much attention they’ve gotten!

Dog kissing bride
Kisses for mummy (Picture: Perri Farlow/Farlow Photography)

‘I think it’s awesome that so many people thought the moment was as cute as I did.’

We are major fans of pets at weddings, especially when they’re surprise kittens .

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