Neglected dog who lived under a bed for two years has dramatic transformation

Lionheart the dog was neglected for two years and left to live under the bed
Lionheart’s years of neglect had left him with such matted fur he couldn’t walk or eat (Picture: Richmond SPCA)
Little Lionheart has had a tough time – but now he’s finally getting the love he deserves.

For two years he lived under a bed, so neglected that when he was found he was unable to eat, drink, or walk thanks to the thick mats in his fur.

He was surrendered to the Richmond SPCA in April weak, scared, and covered in his own urine and faeces.

His former owner revealed that the seven-year-old dog had been hiding under the bed for the last two years, resulting in his awful condition.

Thankfully, the team at the SPCA were up to the task of nursing the dog back to health.
Lionheart the dog was covered in matted fur
He had to be shaved before staff could see the extent of the damage (Picture: Richmond SPCA)
They started by removing pounds of matted fur that was pulling at Lionheart’s skin and causing him pain.

He was shaved and had his nails clipped so staff could get a proper look at his physical health.

They discovered that years of neglect had left the dog with sores all over his skin, painful periodontal disease, and internal parasites.

‘I saw him when he first arrived, and I could not tell which was the front end and which was the back end,’ Richmond SPCA CEO Robin Starr told Today. ‘You couldn’t see anything. I am sure he was in great discomfort.’

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Lionheart (Picture: Richmond SPCA)
There was so much matted fur Lionheart was barely recognisable as a dog (Picture: Richmond SPCA)

Over the next three months Lionheart underwent medical treatment, rehabilitation, and was given all the love and care to restore his faith in humans.

The transformation from a terrified, suffering dog to a happy pup is pretty incredible.

‘Relieved from the weight and discomfort of his matted fur, Lionheart began to show his adorable personality,’ said Robin.
Lionheart (Picture: Richmond SPCA)
Immediately after being shaved, the dog was so much happier (Picture: Richmond SPCA)
Lionheart (Picture: Richmond SPCA)
And now he’s happy, loving, and full of energy (Picture: Richmond SPCA)

‘He almost immediately, when he woke up, was bouncy and happy and full of energy.

‘I’m sure he had lots of pent-up energy after all that time.’

By June, he was ready for adoption. The tiny poodle was snatched up almost immediately, by a family who will give him the loving home he deserves.

Congrats, Lionheart!

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