Naughty dog leaves vets flabbergasted as they find dead badger in his stomach

DIESEL the dog is a regular at the vets for eating things he shouldn't, continuously tormenting his owner.

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Diesel the mischievous Labrador has had four operations in his nine years of living. Most recently, he was rushed into surgery after his owner found he was extremely bloated. Diesel’s owner, Dr Christine Emerson, told Cambridge News: “He went out for a walk on a friend’s farm, where he disappeared for about 15 minutes.
“He came back looking very sheepish, and when we came home, he was really swollen up and wouldn’t eat. He’s a Labrador so that’s really unusual.”With his mysterious ailment, Diesel was taken straight to the Cambridge Veterinary Group and had surgery the next day.

The vets emptied the contents of his stomach and discovered that he had eaten a dead badger.

The vet told Dr Emerson that they had never had to remove a dead badger before, and the smell was unbearable.READ MORE:Lady Gaga left 'emotional and grateful' after dog walker's ordeal

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Diesel the dog

Diesel is a regular at the vets for eating things his shouldn’t. (Image: Warren Gunn/Cambridge News)

Diesel the dog

Diesel had surgery to remove a dead badger from his stomach. (Image: Warren Gunn/Cambridge News)

After the operation, Dr Emerson said: “He made a pretty good recovery after that, but he just wasn’t his normal self and he stopped eating again, so he had to go back.

“He had an abscess that was stuck to his spleen, and it was all removed.

“He’s two weeks post-op now and he’s doing much better.”

Four years ago, Diesel had an operation to remove a long hockey sock which he had digested whole.

Diesel the dog

Diesel has had four operations to remove things he had eaten. (Image: Warren Gunn/Cambridge News)

Then, soon after recovering, naughty Diesel was rushed to the vets again and they found he had eaten another sock.

Diesel’s family have praised the “excellent” vets, where Diesel now goes by ‘Badger’. To show how grateful there were, the family baked them some badger-themed biscuits.

Many dogs will eat anything they find lying around. Cleaning products, medicines, poisonous plants, antifreeze, chocolate, grapes, onions, and many more, can make your dog seriously ill and should be kept out of reach.

Bones, rubber toys, socks, underwear, and baby dummies are just some examples of items that have been removed at PDSA Hospitals due to blockages.


Diesel and his owner. (Image: Warren Gunn/Cambridge News)

The PDSA advises that if you think your dog has eaten something harmful, you much contact your vet immediately for an emergency appointment as your dog could become very ill or even die if not treated.

Symptoms your dog may have eaten something harmful include: vomiting, diarrhoea, twitching, lethargy, reduced appetite, constipation and standing with a hunched back due to stomach pain.

Run a dryer sheet over your dog's fur when there's a storm — chances are, they aren't freaked out about the storm but the static electricity built up in their fur. According to Martha, this should work at least 50% of the time.

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ill dog

Dogs eating things they should not can make them seriously ill. (Image: Getty)

Symptoms may appear a couple of days after eating something harmful so it is important to contact your vet as soon as you suspect something is wrong.

Never try to make your dog vomit unless your vet instructs you to.

Additional reporting by Alya Zayed.