Naughty dog gets his head caught in a pot after trashing the plant

Dogs may be man’s best friend but, God, they can make a mess at times.

Perhaps it’s because they know we love them too much to really do anything about it.

The latest doggo with no regard for home aesthetics is Berkeley. Only his mortal enemy wasn’t the furniture or contents of the kitchen cupboard.

Berkeley the Golden Doodle went for the house plant instead.

After trashing an indoor palm tree, Berkely was caught red-handed around the mess.

And in case the owners had doubts about who did it, Berkely only managed to go and get his head trapped in the plant pot.

The beloved pet was filmed laying down on a cushion next to the palm tree tossed out from its pot and surrounded by its soil.

Owner Justin Jones, 27, was heard in the clip asking his cheeky canine pet: ‘What did you do, Berk? What did you do?’

After asking the same question a third time, he concluded: ‘You’re a monster.’

At least he’s the cutest monster we’ve seen.

Golden Doodle, named Berkeley who trashed a plat pot and wore it on his head.
Promise it wasn’t me (Picture: @naughty_berkeley /

Berkeley could be seen staring innocently at his flabbergasted owner – seemingly unconcerned at the basket-sized problem around his neck.

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The one-year-old dog lives with his human Justin in Utah, U.S. Justin added: ‘He knocked [the tree] over and chewed it to shreds!

‘It took about an hour or two to get all of that dirt up.’

The video got over 2.3 million views on social media with viewers tickled by Berekely’s antics. After going viral, Berekely’s own Instagram page was set up (@naughty-berkeley).

The account posted an image of the plant incident scene captioned: ‘Mum and Dad weren’t happy, but it was worth it.’

Golden Doodle, named Berkeley who trashed a plat pot and wore it on his head.
It knocked itself over, did it? (Picture: @naughty_berkeley /

And it seems Berekely is in good company as many other dogs have penchants for making a mess.

Porridge the three-year-old rescue mutt was also spotted amid the chaos he caused at home.

Dogs eh, what are they like?

If you have a pet who’s wreaked havoc in your home, please email [email protected] to tell us more.

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