Naughty dog chews up her owner’s things and then poses next to her mess

Daisy surrounded by destroyed loo roll
Daisy found the loo roll (Picture: Caters News Agency)

A destructive dog has added insult to injury by striking a pose next to her mess after chewing up loads of her owner’s possessions.

Two-year-old Daisy is a rescued puggle – a cross breed of pug and beagle – and she looks proud as punch in photos where she is next to each of her ‘achievements’. Her owner, Laura Rowsell, from Hickson, Staffordshire, can hardly stay mad at the proud pooch as her face is a picture – Daisy is almost smiling in some photos. But the pup really should be in the bad books. Daisy has destroyed five beds, countless toilet rolls, a remote control, Apple Airpods and ‘anything else she can get a hold of’, says Laura.

The lunchtime supervisor added: ‘Daisy has chewed an array of items from the day we rescued her in January this year.

‘We can never leave anything precious around Daisy otherwise it will be chewed up.

Daisy with owner Laura
‘She is very cheeky but we can’t help but love her.’ (Picture: Caters News Agency)

‘She has got through five beds, cushions, toys, coasters and even a TV remote. The only time she is good is when I tell her to sit next to the fluff or broken item.

‘She is so proud of her ‘work’ – she will pose for a picture. I rarely tell her off because it is my own fault for leaving things within her reach.’

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The most expensive item Daisy has destroyed so far is a pair of Apple Airpods – something Laura didn’t take a photo of, as she was too upset.

‘I literally turned my back for two minutes and Daisy had chewed them up. I had just spent £150 on them but I wasn’t angry with Daisy,’ she says.

Daisy with her fifth bed
Daisy looking delighted after destroying her fifth bed (Picture: Caters News Agency)

‘I was upset that they were destroyed but I was more cross with myself for leaving them on the sofa.’

Laura must inform guests to put their shoes in a cupboard to avoid them being chomped. She has also learnt to immediately put items away – especially toilet roll.

‘I once put a 12 pack of toilet roll on the staircase to bring up but Daisy beat me to it,’ she says. ‘It was everywhere like confetti!’

It’s clear how much Laura loves Daisy, her ‘one of a kind’ dog, despite her destructive streak.

‘Daisy is bonkers,’ she adds. ‘She is the type of dog who will steal food off your plate whilst you are there.

‘She is very cheeky but we can’t help but love her.’

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