My partner wants to get a cat but I’m worried it will cause chaos

After cat-sitting for a friend, I think our flat is too small and I’m concerned about the mess

My partneris desperate to get a male black cat, but I think our one-bedroom flat is too small. We looked after a friend’s cat for a couple of weeksand, while it was lovely (he was great company, made the place feel more homely and offered us great Instagram content), I did havereservations – mostly that the litter tray took upspace, sometimes gave off strong smells andI had to frequentlyvacuum up hishair.

I’m worried that having a cat permanently would leave my clean and tidy flat in chaos. If we lived in a larger place I’d be more inclined to get one, but we’ve only just moved into theflat, which we love and have no desire to move any time soon (we probably couldn’t afford somewhere bigger in the area anyway).

I found myself browsing cat adoption websites during lunch and was considering going to meet a nine-year-old black cat called Eugene, but when I clicked back on the site days later he had thankfully already found a new home. I wish him all the best. Basically, I think I want a cat too, but I just don’t think we have the space. What do I do?
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