Mumbaikars opt for microchipping to keep pets safe

Raima Kulkarni, a Dadar-based homemaker, was distraught last month, when she lost her puppy. "We had just got him a few weeks ago and he slipped out of the gate and must have lost his way," she recalls. "The whole lane was looking around for him and someone finally located him only two days later. It was the most upsetting time for us." She says she had not learnt about microchipping then. Microchip-enabled pets are said to be big in 2021 and adds to the growing fad of tech-based pet care.
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Microchipping can be done for dogs and cats and is a popular trend abroad. It works on the passive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system. What happens is, a veterinarian slowly takes the skin over the loose skin near the shoulder blades of your pet, and using a syringe, the chip is inserted using the syringe. The chip, which is a small electronic device, that is inserted gives out data via electromagnetic frequency. A handheld scanner picks up the frequency and shows this information, explains Anushka Iyer, entrepreneur and dog lover.
Adds pet parent, Swathi Sundararanjan, “I recently got my Cooper, my Golden Retriever pup, microchipped. It took five minutes, and made for such a huge relief for me as I now hardly have any fear of losing him. We read about these instances so often.”

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