Mum shares children’s hilarious secret plan to convince her to buy them a puppy

A mother has shared her children’s secret plan to persuade her to buy them a puppy, and it’s hilarious.

From letting them have ice cream for dinner to playing in the dirt, youngsters have a way of convincing their parents to make bad decisions.

And when one little boy set his sights on getting a pet dog, he hatched a cunning step-by-step plan to make sure he got what he wanted.

Together with his little sister Scarlett, six, eight-year-old William wrote down a list of things he could do to convince his mum to buy a puppy.

But they made one big mistake – leaving it where their parents could find it.

The children’s mother, Emma Robinson, discovered the list on the family’s kitchen table and decided to share the hilarious list on Facebook.

Their plan included: “do all chores, give compliments, drop in random facts, post cute pictures of dogs, put on Christmas list and trade in sibling.

Followed by, “say that I’ll get more fit, put cute pictures around the house, who’s the sucker? and make a music video.”

Scarlett also added her own step at the bottom of the list which read, “ask please can we have a dog?”

Speaking of the moment she discovered the hilarious plan, Robinson told the Mirror: “As I read through, I was laughing and laughing.

“They have been relentless in begging for a dog. My mum got a dog two years ago and it started then, but they have really picked up the pressure in the last six months.

”I asked William's permission to postcard the photo and he didn't mind.

“Scarlett, on the other hand, was really cross that I'd seen it because it was supposed to be a secret plan.”

While the family are still undecided as to whether they should buy a puppy or not, people on Facebook are supporting the children’s efforts.

“This is amazing, surely you have to get one now?” one person commented on the post.

Another added: “I wish I had the same kind of commitment towards my goals.”