Most loved pets: Study shows dogs and cats the internet adores

A NEW study analysed social media to reveal which animals are the most loved, the funniest, the naughtiest and the most destructive.

Golden retriever appears to wipe canine friend’s tears away

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The study found that golden retrievers are the most loved pets by a landslide. Researchers social media and discovered that golden retrievers were included in a massive 4.4 million posts in the last year. The popular dogs had plenty of people cooing over them and received an average of 222 ‘love’ reactions per post.
The shifty Bengal cat has been crowned the funniest pet. The distinctive leopard-print cats are renowned for their sassy attitude and were featured in 2.4 million posts in the last year. The mischievous Bengal received an average of 17 ‘laughing’ reactions per post.The naughtiest pet was the Labradoodle with an average of 79 ‘angry’ reactions per post. The playful dogs are renowned for being extremely energetic and with that comes quite a lot of destruction in the home. Luckily, Labradoodle’s do tend to calm down around between the ages of two and three.

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The researchers dug deeper and scoured pet forums for any mention of pet destruction and which breeds were the worst culprits. They outlined that dogs are far more destructive than cats.

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Golden retrievers are the most loved pets. (Image:

Bengal cat

The Bengal cat is the funniest pet. (Image: Getty)They found that Staffordshire bull terriers are the clumsiest breed with one in 20 mentions of broken phones, plant pots and glasses.Unlucky for Labrador owners, they were hailed as the breed most likely to use your carpet as a toilet. Collies were most likely to chew skirting boards, sofas and other household items and Shih tzu’s were most likely to dig up your flower bed.

Beagles appear to be the greediest breed as more people said they would steal food off your plate, tip over and rummage in the bin, and ransack any cupboard. The study found that one in 15 mentions of food theft included their name.


Labradoodles are the naughtiest. (Image: Getty)

The study comes as the demand for pets has skyrocketed during the pandemic with more people wanting a furry companion by their side. With an increasing demand, costs have increased too with some pet prices reaching £4,000.

Unfortunately, this increased demand has meant that pet thefts have risen as criminals take the opportunity to snatch and resell pets to make some cash.

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cat and dog

Dogs are far more destructive than cats. (Image: Getty)

SimpliSafe has put together a number of tips to avoid pet theft:

Make sure your pet is microchipped and their details are registered and kept up to date with a microchip database such as Petlog.

Owners should take preventative measures, including ensuring their home has an alarm system, not leaving their dog tied up outside a shop or other public place and making sure they can see their pet when out and about on walks.

Make sure your home is secure from the outside. Simple measures such as driveway gates, motion sensor lights and home security cameras can really deter burglars who may look for quick opportunities to swipe valuable pets.