Moschino announces first-ever pet collection

Moschino has launched its first-ever collection for pets . Yes, that’s right: you can now dress your pet head-to-toe in luxury designer clothing.

For some, this may sound like a ludicrous idea. However, it will inevitably appeal to others with a penchant for plush pet-wear.

The 14-piece collection from Moschino comprises accessories and clothing, including biker jackets, trench coats, hoodies and T-shirts.

Additionally, for those who are really looking to spruce up their pet’s aesthetic, there are stylish leashes, collar sets and ceramic bowls on offer.

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In terms of the designs themselves, highlights include a bright pink satin ball gown, and a collar with the word “MOSCHINO” printed in gold lettering across it.


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There are even hats, including a black baseball cap with the Moschino logo stamped across it.

Other items include an olive green twill dog jacket, which is made from polyester fabric and features a zip pocket detail, logo print on the back and a zip closure.

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Elsewhere there is a tight-fitting fuchsia jacket. which is modelled on a miniature dachshund in the campaign.

Prices for the collection range from £95 to £500.

“Moschino is pleased to announce the launch of the Moschino Pets collection,” reads a statement from the brand.“Creative director Jeremy Scott has taken Moschino classics and reinterpreted them for the stylish pet.”


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Announcing the news earlier this week, Scott wrote on Instagram: “I am so excited to finally share the news, I have designed a Moschino Pet Line.

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