More people buying their pets warmer clothes as winter approaches

ANIMALS: Dog Dressed in Adorable Winter Hat to Fight Freezing Weather March 130:32

Before Amber could go for her walk in the freezing conditions in northern Ontario, she had to wrap up to say warm. Her owners, therefore, dressed her in a Ushanka-hat and it looked damn cute on Amber, whose reaction to her new fashion statement was the definition of chill. Credit: Woof TV Videos-Amber Doggie via Storyful

DON’T let your schnauzer get the sniffles or your collie catch a cold this winter.

A growing number of pet owners are buying winter fashion for their four-legged friends, according to local retailers.

And, the extra layers could come in handy this week, as regional parts of the state are forecast to dip below 0C as a winter chill sets in.

Desperate House Dogs owner Debbie Bakker said her range of hoodies, pyjamas, coats and bandannas for dogs were “very popular”.

“You are also getting more ‘designer dogs’ ... so these are the breeds they (owners) do dress up,” Ms Bakker said.

“And dogs, especially small dogs, are treated as a family member. They see them as children.”

Ms Bakker said shoes and socks for dogs were also flying off shelves.

“Dog socks are very good for dogs that slide on the polished floors ... it is not actually good for their hips,” she said.

Leo and Emmy wear jackets against the chill at Kidman Park. Picture: Matt Turner

Leo and Emmy wear jackets against the chill at Kidman Park. Picture: Matt TurnerSource:News Corp Australia

“They put the socks on them for grip and also to protect the floors.

“I sell a lot of bandannas as well. My latest bandana that is very popular is my ring bearer bandana ... so the dog can even be part of the bridal party.”

Cheap as Chips buyer Julie Herman said they sold “more and more pet clothing” every year.

“We have always had heavy duty jackets and knitted jumpers but we are always adding to the range,” she said.

“This year, we have a range of tracksuits and pyjamas in stock, which are very on trend.”

RSPCA SA marketing and community manager Peter Ferguson said using coats or jumpers to keep dogs warm and dry in winter was a responsible thing to do.

“A ‘thunder jacket’ or ‘thunder shirt’ can also be a great way to keep your dog calm in stressful situations such as thunderstorms or fireworks displays,” he said.

But he said pet owners should monitor their dog’s behaviour when fitting them with clothing, to avoid causing unnecessary stress or fear.

“Pet owners should always take care to ensure clothing items are well-fitted for their dog and not worn for extended periods of time, causing overheating or irritation,” he said.

Dog owner Andie Killeen said she often dressed her miniature schnauzer Emmy in jackets, jumpers and even dresses.

“There is definitely a huge market for it,” she said. “People like to celebrate their animals.”

After a wet weekend in which almost 20mm of rain fell in Adelaide, Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Tina Donaldson said a high pressure system moving across the state would bring mostly dry — and cold — conditions.

“By Tuesday afternoon, we’re back to clear skies ... and we’ll get some cold mornings and areas of frost,” she said.

Overnight lows are forecast to dip to 4C in the city and will drop below freezing in Renmark and Yunta from Thursday, with the forecast tipped to get as low as -2C.

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