Moment live dogs are beaten and butchered for humans to eat

WARNING! Graphic content

Horrific footage from an Indonesian slaughterhouse show dogs being hit, strung up and butchered for humans to eat.

The pets arrive on trucks at the factory in Surakarta, known as Solo, where they are tied up in sacks and forced to watch the slaughter of other dogs, as they wait their turn.

Workers hit the animals with wood, string them up and slit their throats while they’re still conscious.

The images and video were captured by Dog Meat Free Indonesia who are campaigning for banning the ‘brutal and dangerous’ trade.

Change for Animal Foundation said: ‘Dogs are captured from the streets and stolen from people’s homes to be taken on long journeys – often lasting for days – rightly packed in pick-up trucks or in hessian sacks, their mouths bound shut so they can hardly breathe.

Picture: DMFI Live dogs beaten up for meat
The pets arrive on trucks at the factory in Surakarta (Picture: DMFI)
Picture: DMFI Live dogs beaten up for meat
Many don’t survive the journey to the factory (Picture: DMFI)
Picture: DMFI Live dogs beaten up for meat
Over 80 restaurants in Java openly advertise selling the meat (Picture: DMFI)

‘They are then taken to filthy slaughterhouses where they watch other being slaughtered as they wait their turn, trebling in fear.

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‘The look in their eyes is haunting, the blood-spattered walls unforgettable.’

A recent investigation revealed that an estimated 13,700 dogs of unknown disease and vaccination status are stolen every month in Java.

The animals are supposed to be from reliable farms and fully vaccinated against diseases like rabies, but campaigners claim up to 90 per cent of dogs are stolen from owners or taken from the streets.

The dogs are slaughtered and sold to 82 restaurant’s in the city advertising the meat.

Picture: DMFI Live dogs beaten up for meat
Devastating footage shows what’s going on inside the slaughterhouse (Picture: DMFI)
Picture: DMFI Live dogs beaten up for meat
You can sign Dog Meat Free Indonesia’s petition here (Picture: DMFI)

Many eat the dog meat, despite Indonesia being the world’s most populous Muslim nation, which considers dog meat forbidden.

Charity Four Paws, who are members of the Dog Meat Free Indonesia Coalition, said: ‘The dog meat trade is not only incredibly cruel for the animals, but also very dangerous to humans.

‘It encourages the mass unregulated movement of dogs of unknown disease and vaccination status.

‘It is estimated that approximately one per cent of the slaughtered dogs are infected with rabies. Human deaths have been reportedly linked with the slaughtering and even consumption of infected meat.’

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