Mince pies for pets take the biscuit

I read your editorial with a wry smile (Towns and cities across Britain need theatres just as much as the West End , 7 December). Your commendable sentiments about the importance of regional theatre would ring rather more true if the Guardian published more reviews of the existing regional arts performances. Your reviews are heavily weighted towards London theatres and exhibitions. If you really want to encourage audiences and the funding bodies to do more outside the metropolis it would help if you yourself publicised them more.Michael MeadowcroftLeeds • Your piece by Gina Miller (7 December) was a truly inspiring read from a very impressive woman. I kept asking myself why someone of this calibre is not running for parliament. Hopefully next time.Ivor MitchellWellington, Somerset • Mince pies for pets (Report , 7 December) are fine, but what about some pet food we humans can eat?Stefan BadhamPortsmouth, Hampshire • Me too (Tories fail to face up to the climate crisis , Letters, 7 December). Craig Whittaker failed to turn up to the climate hustings in Calder Valley.Alison LeonardHebden Bridge, West Yorkshire
• One of RH Tawney’s favourite questions was: “Do the English really prefer to be governed by Old Etonians?” Please, on Thursday, can the answer be a resounding “No!”Mark WalfordLondon • I don’t know about apostrophes (Letters , 9 December) but there are far more than three potential errors in the two words “Vote Johnson”.Malcolm ShifrinLeatherhead, Surrey • Surely the best modern Christmas song, too little heard, is Bob Dylan’s Must Be Santa (Letters , 9 December)? It contains the line “special night, beard that’s white”. Guaranteed to entertain a section of Guardian readers of a certain age, and also has an excellent video to accompany it.Keith FlettTottenham, London • Join the debate – email [email protected] • Read more Guardian letters – click here to visit gu.com/letters

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