Lifeline: Meet the dogs saving lives just by their sniff

It’s a shocking figure, but for many, early detection of the disease will offer a far better opportunity for survival.

That’s why this year the Lifeline fundraising campaign is supporting Medical Detection Dogs, a charity that trains dogs to use their noses to spot illnesses such as cancer, so they can help people have a better chance of staying alive. But it’s not just cancer these amazing animals can detect: Parkinson’s , Type 1 diabetes , nut allergies – even Covid – are all part of their remit.

Like any charity, Medical Detection Dogs rely on donations to keep doing their lifesaving work, which is why we’re raising much-needed money for them – but we need your help to do it!

This summer we’re organising two sponsored walks that will take our trekkers through the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside.

Taking place on 19 June, for those who are up for a challenging hike there’s a marathon distance 42km walk. If you fancier a slightly softer stroll – and bringing along your own four-legged friend and family – there’s a dog-friendly 10k route.

Make Your Own DIY Pill Pockets with Peanut Butter, Milk & Flour. One of the most useful life hacks for dog owners is finding a way to get your dog to swallow pills. If you’re having a hard time getting your dog to swallow pills you can make your own DIY pill pockets.

An image of a signpost in the countryside with the words 'Thames Path. Next to it is another image of a small dog walking  on a lead next to it's owners legs
This year’s Lifeline route takes walkers along part of the Thames Path in Oxfordshire (Picture: Getty/EyeEm)
As well as being joined by other readers and charity supporters, also lending their support are TV’s Dr Christian Jessen , singer Alexandra Burke , presenter Debbie Flint and reality star Pete Wicks. Of course, given that it’s the weekend before lockdown is fully expected to be lifted, we will take everyone precaution to make our event as Covid-safe as possible, as well as offering snacks for dogs and humans along the way to keep energy levels up.

If all that wasn’t enough to tempt you to sign up, click on our video to take a peek at the incredible work Medical Detection Dogs do, and see for yourself just how vital their job is.

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