Meet the people who look just like their pets

people who look like dogs
Do you look just like your pet? (Pictures: ITCHPet)

We’ve all seen those people who look exactly like their pets.

Whether it’s in colouring, the texture of their hair, their posture, or even a certain expression – owners looking just like their cat or dog is surprisingly common. And apparently there’s a scientific reason for that.

A study, commissioned by pet well-being website, has found that we are actually more likely to choose pets that we feel look like us.

Men are most likely to pick a look alike pet, with more than one in ten (12%) admitting they bought a specific type of dog or cat because it bore more than a passing resemblance to themselves.

According to the data, around one in six males (16%) feel their dog or cat has similar eyes to them, with one in ten believing they have the same nose shape or ears as their pet.

Even those who weren’t looking for a spitting image puppy or kitten when they bought a pet, appear to be morphing into their cuddly companion, with one in four (23%) owners of the opinion they now look alike.

‘There is a comfort in seeing yourself look back at you. It’s kind of like a mutual dependency,’ explains animal behaviourist, Professor Peter Neville.

Instead of buying special Kong stuffing, stuff a Kong with cheese cubes and place in the microwave for five seconds.

‘The dog is dependent on you anyway and doesn’t really care what you look like. But if you see aspects of your own image you feel more comfortable. There are two of you against the world.

‘I think in the broadest sense of family it’s about identification, projecting a common image, there’s more than one of me. Because my dog looks similar to me, you can’t mistake me, if you think about me, you think about my dog too.’

Benedict and Rupert

Dog doppleganger
Benedict Hurley, 39 (right) with Rupert the Airedale Terrier, (left) Leigh on Sea Essex (Picture: ITCHPet)
Twinning (Picture: ITCHPet)
Cuddle buddies (Picture: ITCHPet)

Claire and Devon

Claire and dog
Claire Bolden McGill (left) with Devon (right) the Golden Cocker Spaniel, Cheltenham (Picture: ITCHPet)
Claire and dog
Same hairstyle (Picture: ITCHPet)

Donia and Cookie

Donia and dog
Donia Youssef (right) with Cookie (left) who is three quarters Boston Terrier with a bit of French bulldog and Chihuahua, from Grays, Essex (Picture: ITCHPet)

Dovile and Mila

Dovile and Mila
Dovile Petrauskiene (right) with Mila (left) the Tortoiseshell cat from London (Picture: ITCHPet)
Dovile and cat
They both have green eyes (Picture: ITCHPet)

Erik and Fari

Erik and dog
Erik Hedin (left) with Fari (right) the Italian Greyhound, Stockholm, Sweden (Picture: ITCHPet)
Erik and dog
They coordinate well (Picture: ITCHPet)

Henry and Buddy

Henry and dog
Henry Maynard (left) with Buddy (right) the Miniature Labradoodle from London (Picture: ITCHPet)

Kieron and Tilly

dog dopplegange
Kieron Daniels (right) with Tilly (left) the Lurcher – Bedlington Terrier cross Whippet from Lincolnshire (Picture: ITCHPet)

Make a dog-walking station for the entryway if you have more than one dog. See how this is done here.

Liam and Token

Liam and dog
Liam Strong (left) with Token (right), American Pit Bull Terrier, from Oregon, USA (Picture: ITCHPet)

Rocky and Farag

Dog doppleganger
Rocky Tantaway (Left) with Farag (right) the French Bulldog from Greenwich, SE London
Rocky and dog
They love matching outfits (Picture: Tony Halliday)

Santosh and Finnley

Santosh and dog
Santosh Achari (above) with Finnley (below) the King Charles Spaniel, Hyderabad, India

Chris and Charlie

Charlie and Chris
Metro’s video editor Chris (right) looks just like dog Charlie (left) (Picture: Chris Rickett)

Richard and Syd

Richard and Syd
Metro’s assistant editor Richard (left) with his best pal Syd (right) (Picture: Richard Hartley-Parkinson)

Em and Monty

Monty, a standard longhaired Dachshund and owner Em, from Stockton-on-Tees.
Monty (left), a standard longhaired Dachshund and Em (right), from Stockton-on-Tees (Picture: The Kennel Club)

Andy and Archer

Doppleganger dog
Archer (left), the Chow Chow, and Andy (right), from Sheffield (Picture: The Kennel Club)

Do you have a doppleganger pet? We want to see your pictures.

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