Meet the ghost-hunting dog who carries out paranormal investigations

bond the ghost-hunting dog
He’s been given the nickname Scooby for his ghost-hunting antics (Picture: William Lailey/Caters)

Owners of a six-year-old dog have discovered his hidden talent – catching ghosts.

Sighthound Bond – also nicknamed Scooby – helps owners Helen and Brian Sterling-Vete carry out paranormal investigations. Brian first began these investigations in 2012 – after staying at Lilford Hall, in Northamptonshire, and experiencing paranormal activity in the derelict 110-room mansion Now, he runs Paranormal Rescue and shares his investigations through documentaries, TV shows, and books – and Bond accompanies him to them.

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And the couple have now revealed a few of the canine’s spooky discoveries.

Brian, 61, says: ‘Bond has a nose for this; he’s a sighthound so his vision is exceptionally good in dark and semi-dark conditions and when he detects something, he’s off like a rocket.

‘One time we were visiting an abandoned prison and as soon as my wife took him inside, he ran to an open jail cell where he started growling.

Bond the six-year-old rescued dog
What a good boy (Picture: William Lailey/Caters)

‘He went inside and started choking so we rushed him outside and were about to call a vet when he suddenly recovered.

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‘We later found out that that particular cell was one where two prisoners had died by suicide by hanging.

‘He has a certain skillset that we find useful.’

outside an abandoned barn
Bond outside an abandoned barn (Picture: William Lailey/Caters)
Bond was a race dog for three years before he was rescued by Greyhound Gap and then adopted by Brian and Helen. Now the trio enjoy lots of trips together – and their latest investigation is a home in Shropshire where the retired owners have been experiencing some strange happenings.
Bond with Brian and Helen
With his new owners (Picture: William Lailey/Caters)

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Brian and Helen usually bring Bond’s bed with them to every investigation.

‘Sometimes he’ll just lay in his bed and won’t make a sound but other times, he’ll run off and start making a scene if he detects something unusual,’ adds Brian.

‘At this latest house, the couple have been experiencing strange noises, pictures falling off the walls, and unexplainable fires in the barns.

‘When we do our investigations, we rig the houses with audio equipment, use ghost boxes, camera, and try to capture what we can to understand if it really is something paranormal or not.

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‘I would say around 3-5% of what I’ve experienced has been genuinely defying rational explanation.’

Keep up the great work Bond.

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