Meet Jeanie – the adorable therapy dog who beat thyroid cancer

If there’s anything we love – especially on a Friday – it’s a hero in furry format.

We’d like to introduce you to Jeanie, a beautiful dog who, despite a cruel twist of fate which led to her losing one of her legs, spends her days making other people smile. The 13-year-old Pom-yorkie-poodle mix was found in Lake Charles, Louisiana in 2007, and was in such bad shape that she had to have a paw and leg amputated. After she had recovered, Jeanie found a forever home with local resident Lydia Chrochet, who trained the adorable pooch into becoming a therapy dog.
She makes visits to nursing homes, schools and counselling sessions with amputees, as well as gives cuddles and kisses to children who have gone through or witness trauma at the Children’s advocacy centre. ‘Jeanie is pure love,’ said Lydia.

‘She has the sweetest nature and is very in tune with our emotions.

‘This is what lead me to have her tested to become a therapy dog, which she easily passed.

Jeanie is extremely popular – no doubt thanks to her adorable face – and has even had a children’s book written about her.

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Lydia adds: ‘She’s been a therapy dog now for nine years, winning the 2019 Hero Therapy Dog Award.

‘She’s also the star of a a children’s book and she accompanies me to book readings and signings.

‘So technically, we work together… my husband calls us business partners. But she’s truly my best friend.’

Jeanie the dog licking the face of an elderly man
A hero in fur (Picture: SWNS)
Jeanie the dog with two children
Jeanie is the star of her very own children’s book (Picture: SWNS)
Jeanie now leads a lovely life with Lydia and her family, including doggy sibling Pippa.

However, earlier this year, the pooch suffered a health setback, when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Thankfully, the golf-ball-sized tumour was removed in July and Jeanie has made a full recovery.

Lydia said: ‘Jeanie is so resilient and she’s always been very independent.

Jeanie, a 13-year old Pom-yorkie-poodle mix. See SWNS copy SWBRdog: This is the inspirational story of how a brave three legged dog who beat Thyroid cancer spends her time helping others as a therapy dog. Jeanie, a 13-year old Pom-yorkie-poodle mix was found in 2007 in a rural part of Lake Charles Louisiana. Jeanie had a crippled foot that was later amputated when she was rescued and brought to a local vet who put her up for adoption. It wasn?t long until Lak Charles resident Lydia Chrochet saw her face and fell in love.
Look at that gorgeous face (Picture: SWNS)

‘She’s done well having only three legs for the most part, however, she has had some arthritis in her single front leg from time to time, but our family doesn’t mind carrying her around.

‘She also has a stroller she enjoys riding in. She also fought thyroid cancer this year and, after surgery, is doing quite well.

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‘Part of her thyroid, along with a tumor the size of a golf ball, was removed at the beginning of July and she’s been taking it easy and healing nicely since then.

Two elderly people sat in wheelchairs cuddling up to Jeanie.
People love cuddling up to the pooch (Picture:SWNS)

‘There are several lessons we can learn from Jeanie.

‘We are all different, none of us are alike. It’s important to teach our children that it’s okay to be different.

‘I believe when children see Jeanie and read her story, they see that she lives a happy life and realise that she can do anything.

‘Also, dogs are wonderful “therapists”.

‘Through Jeanie’s pet therapy, we have witnessed first hand the positive impact dogs can have on someone who is healing or grieving, especially children.

‘Everything is better with a dog in the room.’

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