Meet Coco, the Maltese who’s standing up for her right to party

coco the maltese dog
Coco loves nothing better than standing on her hinde legs (Picture: cocothemaltese/Instagram)
This ball of verticle fluff is Coco. She’s a Maltese pup who works as a therapy dog with her sister Cici. But unlike Cici, who is a fan of walking around on all fours like most normal dogs , all Coco wants to do is to stick her paws in the air.

Her owner calls the pose ‘sitting pretty’, Coco loves nothing more than being papped by her owners and rewarded with a foodie treat.

‘The best part of being a therapy dog is seeing the kids’ faces light up with joy when we walk into their rooms,’ the sisters state on their website.

‘Online or in person, our goal in life is to spread love and joy.’

Coco is clearly the extrovert in the family

She loves any opportunity to make a scene

Whether it’s mid-domestic duties

Don’t cheap out on training time. Make training fun and frequent. Keep training light and fun. Don’t get demanding with your dog. Instead, go with the flow. See what develops. Trust that if you do this long enough, you’re going to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Or in the middle of the wilderness

Coco stands by her right to bare her chest

Begging to have her tummy rubbed

Or her demands met

After all, who could say ‘no’ this ball of fluff?
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