Meet Any, the 'Doggie Eats' delivery dog who works to help a tenderloin shelter

May 21, 2021 3 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.Imagine that you order lunch at home and a cute dog arrives at your door carrying her 'Doggie Eats' delivery backpack . Well that's Any , a charismatic furry who 'works' delivering food to help the tenderloin shelter where she lives and has stolen the heart of the internet.
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Any is part of the 160 furry ones that live in the Garritas Guerreras shelter, located in Tlaxcala, Mexico . A few days ago, the shelter posted on Facebook a photo of Any dressed as a “lomirepartidora” to “collect (money) and be able to fill her and the sheltered tummies” , and it immediately went viral.

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Of course, Any is not alone making her deliveries, but accompanies her humans to distribute the products they sell. This way they can raise funds to buy food and supplies , such as cat litter, that allow them to continue giving a home to these tenderloins.

"After the daily croquette and is taking the breed for the 160 furry of the refuge ... We have vegan amvorguesas, potatoes and beet water with lemon", reads a post where the now famous Any appears.

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Those in charge of Garritas Guerreras told The Epoch Times portal that, due to the pandemic, they have had financial problems to care for and feed the animals they have rescued. Sothey decidedselling food to raise money, and Any's help has been crucial to the work.

The vast majority of netizens reacted with enthusiasm and offers of support (who doesn't melt with tenderness when they see her?). However, there were those who accused the shelter of exploiting and mistreating her , and even launched threats against the association.

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Given this, the humans of Garritas Guerreras clarified that they do not put Any to work in a real way "and much less do we put her to carry or mistreat her ."

In fact, Any is not only a 'lomirepartidora' , she is so versatile and charming that she has been characterized as a chef, OXXO manager, university student, among other characters. All in order to support their furry companions to have a roof and food, and to promote responsible adoption.
Right now, Any and her humans have one goal : to raise enough money to buy two tons of cat and dog food, as they are offering it to them at a super price and they don't want to miss out. The deadline to raise funds is May 24 and they hope to reach the goal by selling food on Calle Manuel Acuña 65, Colonia Moderna, Benito Juárez mayor's office.

And you, are you going to give Any and her furry friends a paw?

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