Man’s Best Friend: The world’s most beloved pet photographer turns his lens on our canine companions

The world appears to be divided into cat and dog lovers, but fortunately Walter Chandoha found himself happily in the middle. He loved these intriguing creatures equally for their unique beauty and individualism, and as subjects to photograph in a career spanning over 70 years.While working on his critically acclaimed book Cats , Chandoha handpicked his favourite dog photos for a potential follow-up title, putting into carefully marked boxes hundreds of contact sheets, prints, and colour transparencies, many unseen for at least 50 years, and some totally unseen.

Chandoha sadly passed away last year at the age of 98, but his legacy lives on in his sequel dedicated to man’s best friend.

Terriers, collies, beagles, bloodhounds, poodles, small dogs , big dogs, show dogs, working dogs, and many more, featuring in both black-and-white and Kodachrome.Walter Chandoha was a combat photographer in the Second World War, before a chance encounter with a cat led him on a path that would shape his professional career.

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He is regarded as the world’s greatest domestic animal photographer, with a career spanning over seven decades and an archive of more than 200,000 photographs.

You can purchase ‘Walter Chandoha. Dogs. Photographs 1941–1991’here