Man rescues ‘puppy’ from the side of a road but it’s actually a baby fox

Man rescues 'puppy' from the streets, finds out its a baby fox
So cute (Picture: @marcy_com/Twitter)

If you saw an abandoned puppy on the side of a road, you might try to go and help it (unless you’re a monster).

One man who thought he saw a little pup decided to take her in and attempt to reunite her with her owner.

Twitter user Marcy, from Japan, recently stumbled onto a pooch and found her unable to fend for herself.

So he decided to take the small animal – who he called Luna – under his wing until he found her human.

Marcy tweeted that he’d found Luna on a highway and urged followers to get in touch if they’d lost a beloved pet.

While many commented on how cute Luna was, they also pointed out that she’s not a puppy.

Marcy was shocked to realise that Luna was actually a baby fox.

baby fox
We would also want to take her in (Picture: @marcy_com/Twitter)

After the Twitter frenzy, Marcy decided that he would go to a vet and find out for sure.

He wrote on his Twitter: ‘Thank you for your many retweets and opinions.

‘I had a good night’s sleep after eating rice last night, and this morning I have a good appetite with defecation and urination.

‘Isn’t it a fox? I will confirm it later with the veterinarian.’

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOUR PET: One of the fringe benefits of taking on the responsibility of pet ownership is that animals can be an instant icebreaker, whether they’re with you or you’re just using them as a topic of conversation.

The adorable blunder entertained many as Marcy’s threads on Luna went viral.

Despite taking care of Luna for some time, Marcy knew that ultimately Luna can’t stay with him forever.

And in Japan, it’s illegal to have foxes as pets, since they may carry dangerous parasites that are contagious to humans.

So he handed her over to a farm.

Baby fox
It’s illegal to keep foxes as pets in Japan (Picture: @marcy_com/Twitter)
‘We have completed handing over the fox to Kita Kitsune Farm,’ he updated his followers.

‘If you have the opportunity, I would be happy if you could visit Luna.

Baby fox
Luna now lives on a farm (Picture: @marcy_com/Twitter)

Experts at the farm think Luna is about one to two months old. Right now, she’s too young to forage for food or fend for herself, so she’ll be at the farm until she grows stronger.

Meanwhile, Marcy has grown quite fond of foxes and is advocating for their safety by publicising organisations that help them.

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