Man adopts sick elderly dog who cuddles up to him as he signs adoption paperwork

The man and dog together
They look so happy together! (Picture: Picture: Pennsylvania SPCA Danville Center)

An elderly, sick dog has been given his forever home by a kind stranger who walked into a shelter asking to see an old dog in need of a home.

The man walked into the Pennyslvania SPCA Danville Center on 25 October, asking to see an elderly dog, and the center paired him with Jack, a 13-year-old dachshund mix who has dental disease, a heart murmur, and ‘typical old man lumps/bumps’.

According to the shelter, the man simply said: ‘He’s perfect, I’ll take him. What vet do you recommend I take him to?’

Amazingly, Jack warmed to the man immediately, and as his new owner signed the paperwork, he curled up and fell asleep on his lap.

Yesterday, this gentleman wandered in the shelter and asked to see an old dog in need of a home. We paired him with…

Geplaatst door Pennsylvania SPCA Danville Center op Zaterdag 26 oktober 2019

Pictures were posted to the centre’s Facebook page, and they’ve since gone viral with more than 132,000 reactions.

The Facebook post read: ‘This is what animal welfare is all about. Falling in love, giving second chances to those who need it most, and finding the heroes in humanity. Happy tails Jack! We couldn’t be happier for you!’

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The post also received thousands of comments from moved Facebook users.

One person wrote: ‘This gentleman is a man after my own heart, I also adopted a senior dog. Congratulations Jack on finding your furever home.’

Jack asleep
Jackk went straight to sleep (Picture: Picture: Pennsylvania SPCA Danville Center)

Another said: ‘We need to hear/see more of these stories. God bless this man and his kind, understanding heart. There is no stronger, more devoted love than that of a senior dog who has been rescued. They still have so much more life to live and love to give than you can ever imagine. They are so incredibly thankful and happy to be loved and valued again. Sometimes for the first time.’

Someone else wrote: ‘I think it is wonderful to adopt old dogs. They give so much love. This man is a true hero!’

We’re super happy for Jack and hope he and his new owner become the best of friends.

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