Major White House news: Biden’s dog to receive anti-biting training offsite

Major the White House dog will receive further training away from the executive mansion after two biting incidents at his new home, a spokesman for the first lady, Jill Biden, said on Monday.
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The misbehaving canine will receive private training in the Washington area. It is expected to last a few weeks.“Major will undergo some additional training to help him adjust to life in the White House,” spokesman Michael LaRosa said.
The younger of the Bidens’ two german shepherds, a rescue dog, did not break skin in the first incident, the president told ABC last month. Later in March the dog bit a security staff member causing a “minor injury”, a White House spokeswoman said.“Nipping is probably more accurate than biting,” LaRosa said on Monday.Following the first incident, amid intense media interest about his whereabouts, the presidential pooch had a round of training in Biden’s home state, Delaware.

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The aim was to help acclimatize him to life at the White House complex, where he is surrounded by aides and security officers. Trainers will now try again.