Luxury dog hotel has twin beds, TVs, room service, chauffeur and spa

pictures of dogs staying in a dog hotel
All the mod cons (Picture: Noble Dog Hotel / SWNS.COM)
A very swish dog hotel in Greenville, South Carolina, USA has everything your four-legged-friend could want and more. Suites at the Noble Dog Hotel have twin beds, televisions, and room service, and the hotel is equipped with dog spa for dogs .

There’s even a chauffeur to ferry the canines around in style.

Hailing itself as a ‘five-star hotel’ for dogs, the building has 58 rooms that range from a standard suite which costs $55 (approximately £40) per night to the ‘pawsidential’ suite costing $85 (approx. £63) per night.

The pawsidential suite is a 100sq ft room with a twin bed, a television, complimentary room service that’s comprised of eggs, turkey burgers, pancakes and an all-important story time.

All the rooms have a webcam that’s on 24/7, so owners can see for themselves how their buddies are doing.

dogs staying in a dog hotel
Owners can pick TV channels for their dogs (Picture: Noble Dog Hotel / SWNS.COM)
a dog staying in a dog hotel
It puts standard kennels to shame (Picture: Noble Dog Hotel / SWNS.COM)
dogs staying in a dog hotel
These two look like they’re enjoying their stay (Picture: Noble Dog Hotel / SWNS.COM)

The hotel, which also serves as a doggy day care, has a ‘chau-fur’ service available so the pets to be picked up and driven to the property.

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The project was first dreamed up by former professional golfer Jen Hannah, who wasn’t satisfied with simply leaving her dog at a kennel.

Jen, 44, said: ‘I had to leave my dog somewhere and the options didn’t match what we were looking at.’

a dog staying in a dog hotel
Room service comes with story time (Picture: Noble Dog Hotel / SWNS.COM)
a dog staying in a dog hotel getting pampered in the spa
Have you ever seen a chiller canine? (Picture: Noble Dog Hotel / SWNS.COM)
a dog staying in a dog hotel getting pampered in the spa
Looking good (Picture: Noble Dog Hotel / SWNS.COM)
She said Noble Dog Hotel has been successful ever since it opened in May 2017 because more and more people consider their pets to be more like family members.

‘We are seeing more and more people having dogs before they have kids,’ she said.

‘We are treating our dogs as family.

‘Some people don’t even travel because they don’t feel comfortable leaving their dogs with strangers.’

The hotel’s car service (Picture: Noble Dog Hotel / SWNS.COM)
a dog staying in a dog hotel
Being pampered can be so tiring (Picture: Noble Dog Hotel / SWNS.COM)
a dog staying in a dog hotel
This guy looks pretty cosy (Picture: Noble Dog Hotel / SWNS.COM)

The hotel looks has the capacity to look after 100 dogs on a daily basis, with 58 rooms available for overnight stays.

‘We have different things like relaxation therapy where we use a little bit of lavender oil and pet the dogs, massage them, make them feel loved and calmed,’ said Jen.

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‘We have room service and one-on-one times, story times, and we also have grooming.’

a in a dog hotel gift shop
The hotel even has its own t-shirts (Picture: Noble Dog Hotel / SWNS.COM)
a dog staying in a dog hotel enjoying room service
Looks like a pretty balanced meal (Picture: Noble Dog Hotel / SWNS.COM)
a dog staying in a dog hotel
Someone’s ready to go (Picture: Noble Dog Hotel / SWNS.COM)

Dog owners can even choose what TV station they want their little buddies to watch during their stay.

‘It is usually something calming like Dog TV or home shows,’ said Jen.

Since there aren’t a lot of people traveling right now, the pandemic has hurt Jen’s business.

However, the doggy daycare has become more popular among owners who want some peace and quiet so they can work from home.

She added: ‘We are doing a lot more day care because people are working from home.

‘Once things get back to normal, people will travel and we will be here.

‘A lot of people adopted dogs during the pandemic and they are going to travel when it’s over, so they will need a place to take care of their dogs.’

Jen, who’s hoping to open another branch in Tryon, North Carolina, added: ‘We love taking care of the dogs in our community and spoiling them just as their owners would do at home.’

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