‘Lucky lad’ Walter survives 150ft fall from cliff

Picture: SWNS Dog on the mend after miraculously surviving 150ft fall off a cliff
Walter suffered ‘catastrophic’ bleeding and had emergency treamtnet (Picture: Edale Mountain Rescue Team /SWNS)
A lucky dog is recovering after miraculously surviving a 150ft fall in the Peak District. Walter, a two-year-old Hungarian Vizsla, sparked a major rescue operation following his tumble off a South Yorkshire cliff last week. The young pet broke his pelvis and suffered ‘catastrophic’ bleeding, but was allowed home just 24 hours after the incident, following emergency treatment by medics who were scrambled to save him. They rushed him to a vets surgery in Sheffield for more treatment after coming to his aid on Tuesday, December 15.
He lost his footing while on a walk with owner Jonathan Rice, who said of the dog’s recovery: ‘All his Christmases have come at once.’ Edale’s Mountain Rescue Team scrambled to the scene at around midday, after Walter slipped down the face of Back Tor. Jonathan and three of his friends who he was hiking with were able to get Walter up to a ridge track towards the rescuers.

He explained: ‘If I was on my own it could have been a different story.

‘He has various injuries including pelvic trauma but he’s alive. As the vet said, all his Christmas had come at once, he’s a very lucky lad.

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This dog is on the mend after miraculously surviving a 150ft fall off a cliff, sparking a major rescue operation.
Mountain Rescue teams sprang into action to help Walter, who was given oxygen (Picture: Edale Mountain Rescue Team/SWNS)
Walter on oxygen after miraculously surviving a 150ft fall off a cliff, sparking a major rescue operation.
The dog suffered ‘catastrophic bleeding’ (Picture: Edale Mountain Rescue Team/SWNS)
Walter is back home – now there’s something that I thought would not happen.’

Jonathan continued: ‘He’s bruised, battered and has staples in that deep wound and broke a bit off his pelvis off.

‘With rest and time to recover the prognosis is to resume a normal crazy life.

‘To survive and be home within 24 hours is amazing.’

A response vehicle met Walter with a vet on board gave him emergency treatment on the cliff.

Walter recovering by the fire.
He is now recovering at home with the help of a warm fire (Picture: Edale Mountain Rescue Team/SWNS)
Walter is treated at the scene by mountain rescue.
Walter was treated at the scene before being taken to a vets surgery (Picture: Edale Mountain Rescue Team/SWNS)

A spokesman for the rescue team said: ‘The team leader was local, so was able to respond to the nearest RV to the incident and confirm the location.

‘We had a visual contact with the party and could confirm with them that they were taking the best route off towards our RV.

‘The usual business of dealing with the kit after a call out still needed to be completed and kit was washed and gear replaced according to Covid-19 regulations.

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‘We wish Walter a full recovery.’

Walter was treated by staff at Park Veterinary Hospital in Sheffield, where he was confirmed as having had a lucky escape.

A spokesman for the hospital said: ‘Walter was swiftly brought to us and received emergency treatment and x-rays.

Miraculously all that was broken was a fragment of his pelvis.

‘He had a wound which was treated and otherwise was just bruised.

‘He stayed in for observations and pain relief and went home the next day.

‘Thank you so much to Edale Mountain Rescue Team for all they do.’

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