Lovable rescue dog and viral sensation, Olly the jack russell, returns to Crufts for final time

Loveable rescue dog and viral sensation, Olly the Jack Russell, returns to Crufts for final time
The world fell in love with Olly back in 2018 (Picture: Crufts/Channel 4)
Jack Russell Olly, who found fame when competing in rescue dog agility at Crufts 2017, yesterday did his final run before retiring from the world’s greatest dog show.

Back when he was five, the pup went viral at the dog show after getting a little over-excited during a jump and taking a tumble.

At the time, he attempted to jump the A-frame obstacle and went flying over the top, the video of which swept the internet.

Peter Purves, who was commentating on the event chuckled: ‘Wrong way through. Oh well, doesn’t really matter, does it?!

‘Oh, what a nose dive! And he couldn’t care less. Here we go, wahey! That’s one of the best shots I’ve seen in a long time!’

The video of his fall from back in 2017 has now been viewed over 13 million times, and the world fell in love with the little rescue dog who was simply excited to be at the competition.

It’s now time for Olly to kick back and enjoy his retirement, but not before making one last run around the stage at Crufts for 2020.
Along with his owner Karen from Blue Cross – who rescued him back when he was abandoned outside the Kimpson Rescue Centre at 10 weeks old – he completed the agility course in style – with no falls in sight.

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That said, he did have his trademark mad energy, and made his own rules when it came to which parts of the course he was willing to complete.

Loveable rescue dog and viral sensation, Olly the Jack Russell, returns to Crufts for final time
Olly and Karen on stage this year (Picture: Crufts/Channel 4)
Life hasn’t always been easy for Olly, who was left in a cat carrier outside a Blue Cross Centre as a puppy. However, he’s been allowed to flourish into the naughty and loveable boy he is now by Karen, who says it was love at first sight. Speaking to Blue Cross, she remembers: ‘He humped my foot, he completely ignored me and I thought ‘this is my naughty dog’! I love him so much.’

Never change, Olly. Enjoy your retirement.

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