Lonely dog has had zero viewings after 150 days in a shelter

Side shot of Skye the three year old dog
Poor Skye has a leg deformity which the charity think might put some people off (Picture: RSPCA)
The RSPCA has launched a heartfelt appeal to find a new home for Skye, a three-year-old dog who has spent more than 150 days at one of their centres – yet still hasn’t had one viewing. The poorly pooch was taken in by the RSPCA Block Fen Animal Centre in Cambridgeshire after being abandoned. Quickly, it became clear that she had been used for breeding multiple litters during her short life.

She was also very underweight.

The long-stay dog has been described as being an ‘exceptionally unique’ girl and as a result of her sad start to life, the RSPCA have said that she does require a new home with some particular requirements.

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Tiffany Saunders, kennel supervisor, said: ‘All the staff absolutely adore Skye and we want nothing more than to find her perfect forever home.

‘But after 150 days and not even one meet and greet – we are all feeling really disheartened for her.

‘She has had some interest over the internet – but she really has to have a very specific home and as a result we haven’t found the right person yet and so she’s not even had a meet and greet with anyone since she’s been here.

‘We’ve even made a special video with all the staff and volunteers at the centre explaining why we love her so much and why she is just a one in a million dog.’

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Tiffany explains that Skye was essentially a ‘breeding machine’ in her previous home and, as a result, probably hasn’t had the most positive experiences with humans. ‘But,’ Tiffany says, ‘Skye is great with people she knows once she builds the trust.’
Side shot of Skye the three year old dog - leg deformity in view
The pooch has gone 150 days with zero viewings (Picture: RSPCA)

The charity explain that Skye has a deformed leg, which she’s had since birth – and staff worry this could be one of the reasons she remains overlooked.

‘Our vet believes she was born with the deformity,’ Tiffany explains.

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‘They did investigate whether to amputate, however she uses the leg so much especially when running and it doesn’t cause her any discomfort and she loves to have a zoomie!

‘As Skye is so special and needs a specific home. we would ask people to read her profile carefully – but if you think you are a match then we would love you to get in touch.’

Front shot of Skye the three year old dog
Skye walks well on a lead (Picture: RSPCA)

Although Skye walks well on lead, the RSPCA has warned that she does need to stay securely on the lead at all times when out and about. This is why it’s important that her new home has a large, fully secure grassed garden, where she can have the opportunity to run free.

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She is also in need of a home where she will be the only pet, as she can be fussy when it comes to making doggy friends.

It is also worth noting that she does have an unhealthy interest in cats and small animals, so any future owners need to be aware that care would be needed around them.

The shelter are looking for an adult home for Skye to join, ideally with experienced large breed owners.

Skye with one of her handlers at the RSCPA
She loves her handlers and can form close bonds with humans (Picture: RSPCA)

‘Skye can come across as shy to strangers, but you should see her with her handlers – she loves them,’ says Tiffany.

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‘Once bonded, she will love you too, it just takes her a little bit of time to trust before she will let her guard down – which is understandable given her past.’

The RSPCA describe Skye as ‘extremely clever’ and say that she ‘enjoys using her brain and soon works out what she needs to do with puzzle feeders and treat balls.’

Finally, they note that she is very food focussed, which is the key to her hear when making friends with her and gaining trust.

‘We would very much like to be able to respond to every adoption application we receive however, at the moment this is just not possible for us to do,’ explained an RSPCA spokesperson.

Your dog needs his own cozy spot as well, preferably a crate, a comfy bed that’s his alone and a selection of appropriate toys.

‘Therefore, unless your application matches the required criteria we will not be able to email you back.

‘Thank you very much for considering adopting one of our animals. We really appreciate your kindness and support.’

If you meet all of Skye’s rehoming criteria and are interested in finding out more, you can complete an online application form on the RSPCA website.

To help the RSPCA continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in desperate need of care please visit theirwebsite, or call the donation line on 0300 123 8181.

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