Lockdown tricks to train your pet

Have you seen your pet's behaviour change in the lockdown? Lack of outdoor activity can be overwhelming for dogs. So, engage them in activities without encroaching on their personal space.
Mind game, anyone?

Paramita Das, canine trainer and behaviourist, says, "Combine the find and fetch games or play hide-and-seek involving family members. You can also teach them new commands. They probably know the sit command, but now, practise the same command in different situations, let’s say when you’re doing yoga. Other activities like the handshake, pawshake, rollover and more can also be tried."

Dress up funnily to entertain your pets
For those with puppies, Paramita suggests, "Have fancy dress days, where owners or family members can dress up in funky clothes, walk and act funny in front of pets. This is a fun activity to keep pups engaged as they are missing out on the critical socialisation period now."

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