Locals build home for dog that refuses to leave spot where owner died

Loyal dog's new home
(Picture: Youtube/Nafpaktia News WebTV)

A dog whose owner was killed in a car crash has remained at the scene for over a year.

Other people have tried to adopt it in this time, but the dog always goes back to the roadside.

Instead of trying to coax it away, locals instead decided to make the spot more comfortable for him.

They built him a little kennel for shelter, and give him food and water.

Owner Haris was 40 when he was hit with a cement mixer on November 9, 2017, reports Nafpaktia News.

The dog is so devoted that he has stayed there through the seasons, only moving slightly into the shade when it became very hot.

Youtube/Nafpaktia News WebTV
People leave food and water for the dog (Picture: Youtube/Nafpaktia News WebTV)
Youtube/Nafpaktia News WebTV
He refuses to leave the spot where his owner was killed (Picture: Youtube/Nafpaktia News WebTV)
Youtube/Nafpaktia News WebTV
He became known as the Greek Hachiko (Picture: Youtube/Nafpaktia News WebTV)
Local people have compared him to Hachiko, the dog which waited for its owner every day at Tokyo’s Shibuya Station after he died in 1925.

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The dog came to the station every day until he died himself almost a decade later.

A statue of Hachiko has now been installed in front of the station.