Lizzy the Labrador pushes her brother Freddy in a toy car and it’s too adorable

Meet Lizzy the Labrador – she’s a therapy dog and she knows some impressive tricks. She works with autistic children and learnt how to do lots of things to help cheer them up. Lizzy also visits hospitals to meet patients and universities, to help students with stress. She loves to demonstrate her tricks with her siblings Harry and Freddy, who have the same dad and breeder.

In one adorable video, she pushes Freddy in a toy car.

Freddy climbed in and waited patiently until Lizzy jumped up on the back and pushed him forward.

He’s just 15 weeks old so he has a lot to learn from his five-year-old big sister.

Owner Jenny Williams, from Melbourne, Australia, said: ‘This is just a part of our usual training as we like to perform tricks.
Lizzy is teaching her little brother Freddy some new tricks
Lizzy is teaching her little brother Freddy some new tricks (Picture: Caters)

‘This was more about teaching Freddy to sit and wait, more than Lizzy pushing.

‘I love seeing my dogs putting smiles on people’s faces.’

Lizzy’s other tricks include pulling Freddy in a toy wagon and she can even ride a scooter.

She’s also learnt to put three paws on a skateboard and use the fourth to move herself along.

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What a smart doggo.

Jenny also captures Lizzy in a range of costumes that she wears for her job.

She’s dressed up as Dr Barks, with a white coat and stethoscope, as well as wearing a mane to turn herself into a lion.

Jenny posts about Lizzy, Freddy and Harry’s adventures on her Instagram @liz_the_lab. Do you have a dog who knows some impressive tricks? Get in touch and tell us all about it at [email protected] .

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