Live puppies grabbed from inside claw machine in ‘disgusting’ video

A disturbing video appearing to show live puppies being won as prizes in a claw machine game has sparked backlash from campaigners.

Animal rights activists are calling on Chinese authorities to investigate the clip which shows around 10 dogs by a sign saying ‘someone please come to take me home’.

The footage has been condemned as ‘disgusting’ and and ‘truly shocking’ on social media but others think it could be a hoax.

The video is believed to have been filmed in a Chinese city but it isn’t clear exactly when, where or why it taken.

Real dog grabber Claw machine that grabs live PUPPIES in China
The video has sparked outrage on social media (Picture: @BiologistDan/Twitter)
Real dog grabber Claw machine that grabs live PUPPIES in China
The puppies are seen by a sign begging gamers to take them home (Picture: @BiologistDan/Twitter)
Real dog grabber Claw machine that grabs live PUPPIES in China
The dogs trapped inside the machine next to stuffed children’s toys (Picture: @BiologistDan/Twitter)

Twitter users have said a ‘twisted mind’ must be behind the game and said the people responsible have ‘no regard for life’.

A spokesperson for Peta demanded authorities investigate the incident and called it a ‘matter of urgency’ if the dogs were real.

Chinese claw machine expert Chen Zhitong told MailOnline using dogs in arcade machines is not commonplace in his country and suspects the video is a publicity stunt.

Xiamen-based Mr Zhitong can’t get enough of the games and wins about 1,000 prizes from them every month.

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He said: ‘To start with, it would not be financially viable for claw machine operators. They wouldn’t charge players 1 yuan (11p) per time but give them expensive prizes like this.’

However the arcade fanatic, nicknamed ‘king of claw machines’, has seen smaller and cheaper animals such as live lobsters and crabs being won as prizes.

Last year a video taken from an arcade in Shanghai showed people using a claw machine to pick which lobster they wanted for dinner.