Litter of homeless puppies finds loving families just in time for Christmas

Litter of puppies
The little pups would pile on top of each other to keep warm (Picture: Martin Phelps)

A litter of puppies born while their mum was homeless, experienced a Christmas miracle as they all found families in time for the festive period.

The eight little pups came into the world just hours after their mum was handed in to the Blue Cross animal hospital in Central London, and the charity stepped in to help the owner of the heavily pregnant Staffordshire bull terrier. Karma’s heartbroken owner wanted the best for their dog, and so asked Blue Cross to care for both the 18-month-old mum and her litter and to find them all loving families once they were ready.

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Karma and her eight puppies urgently needed to be in a comfortable home after they were born and Caroline Oram, Animal Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross in Bromsgrove immediately offered to foster them until the pups could be weaned and find homes of their own. ‘It was a race against time to help Karma’s owner who desperately needed our help after being unable to keep her much-loved pet,’ says Caroline.
Karma and her puppies
Karma standing watch over her litter (Picture: Martin Phelps)
Litter of puppies
It was a race against time to find the puppies a loving home after they were born (Picture: Martin Phelps)
‘After the pups were born they couldn’t stay at the animal hospital, so I offered to take them in and give Karma all the TLC both her and the pups needed.’

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Caroline provided round-the-clock foster care for Karma and her pups, to ensure the new mum had all the support she needed and provide a crucial home environment for the youngsters to grow up in.

As their mum was called Karma, the centre decided to give the pups all similar names – Spirit, Buddha, Asher, Kaleb, Joy, Lotus, Faith and Serenity. Asher means blessed, and Kaleb means faithful. They went from strength to strength, and Karma took to motherhood well.
The puppies have thankfully all found loving homes (Picture: Martin Phelps)

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Caroline with Karma and the puppies
Caroline temporarily fostered Karma and her whole litter to make sure they were safe (Picture: Martin Phelps)

The puppies – four girls and four boys – quickly went from forming ‘puppy piles’ to keep warm, to walking and exploring the world around them, with Caroline and the team always on hand to show them the sights and sounds needed for them to grow into happy, confident dogs.

Happily all the puppies have all found loving families to spend Christmas with and begin their new lives.

Caroline adds: ‘My job was to give Karma all of the care she needed so her puppies could thrive.

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‘Their personalities soon started to come out. Asher comes and finds me and Buddha always wants a fuss. Faith is the more worried one but she’s grown in confidence.

‘I’m so proud that Blue Cross was there for Karma and her owner, who loved her very much and was heartbroken to have to say goodbye to her. We are delighted that the puppies, and hopefully their mum too, will be spending their first Christmas in the loving homes they all deserve.’

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