Lidl is selling a heated dog bed which keeps pets warm in winter

lidl selling heated dog bed
Lidl’s thermal bed which helps keep mutts warm (Picture: Lidl/Getty)
Pooches across the UK can expect to be truly pampered this winter – thanks to supermarket giant Lidl.

The store is selling a super cosy heated dog bed, priced at a very reasonable £24.99 (well it is Lidl, after all).

The Zoofari dog bed works by reflecting body heat from the canine back onto them, to ensure there are no frozen paws during the colder months.

If that wasn’t high-tech enough, it’s also reversible. Turn it over and you have a cooling side, which works by drawing the heat away from your mutt’s body in order to help lower their temperature.


Lidl heated dog bed
Your dog could be this comfy (Picture: Lidl)

According to Lidl, the seasonal bed is designed for medium-sized pets – or smaller dogs who love extra room.

The supermarket also claims it’s ‘comfortable with extra thick padding’ and recommends for it be washed at a maximum temperature of 30C.

We’re assuming it could also be an option for cats, or any other pets fond of warm spaces.

The inventive bed is only available to buy in stores – so don’t try searching for it on the Lidl website.

It also appears to be one of cheaper thermal dog beds on the market at the moment.

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Pets at Home has a similar medium bed for £50, while Scuffs sells a similar size product for £44.99.
Scruffs heated dog bed
Scruffs also has a medium-sized thermal bed priced at £44.99 (Picture: Scruffs)
Those looking to spoil their good boy or girl even more this winter can apply for their dog to become a ‘furrfluencer ’ – thanks to holiday website Snaptrip. The winning dogs will get to review 10 dog-friendly properties across the UK – and will get paid for it.

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