Let’s satnav our way out of lockdown

Will someone please tell Boris Johnson that hardly anyone uses a roadmap any more (Tory MPs tell Johnson to commit to lifting Covid restrictions by end of April , 13 February). Surely it would be better to say he is going to satnav us out of lockdown, then we would know what he means. Chris HopwoodRichmond, North Yorkshire• Would Dominic Raab’s Brexit campaign have persuaded the over-50s if he had told them that they would be arriving in the promised sunny uplands not the day they cast off the shackles of the EU, but when they were well into their 60s, 70s and 80s – after four years of negotiation and then 10 years of misery in which nothing worked as foretold (Raab shrugs off Brexit troubles, urging people to take ‘10-year view’ , 14 February)? Graham Webb Saint-Mandé, France
• Dominic Raab’s comment about taking a 10-year view fills me with hope – by then we might be on the second term of a Labour government.Mark WalfordLondon• Please advise which, if any, members of Boris Johnson’s cabinet might be more capable than Dilyn the dog (Letters , 12 February), or for that matter any pet. My daughter’s cat sleeps 23 hours a day, so that makes her an excellent candidate for the post of leader of the House of Commons. Dr Kenneth Macaulay Dunfermline, Fife• Kath Howard’s letter reminded me of Hyman Kaplan’s unshakeable belief that “if the female of host is hostess, the female of ghost must be ghostess” (10 February). Annette Ray Tunbridge Wells, Kent