Lester Holt's dog was VERY excited to welcome him home from Tokyo

If greeting your master was an Olympic sport, Lester Holt's dog surely deserves a gold medal.The "NBC Nightly News" anchor's labradoodle, Lucy, couldn't contain her joy when Lester returned home after 2 1/2 weeks in Tokyo covering the Olympics.Lester, 62, shared a video of his sweet reunion with Lucy over the weekend. In the clip, the journalist is seen opening the door of his apartment as Lucy barrels right to him, yapping in delight.

"I know I've been away," Lester tells Lucy as he bends down next to his suitcase to give her hugs.

"OK, OK, I missed you, too," he says to the excited pooch as she jumps into his arms.

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Lester captioned the cute video, "Nice to see you too Lucy! Back home from Tokyo after 2 1/2 weeks away and what a welcome."

Lester spoke glowingly of Lucy in 2019 when the pair were featured in an episode of TODAY's “My Pet Tale.” The newsman described Lucy, then just 2 1/2 years old, as "the most loving, sweet dog I have ever had."

During their time on "My Pet Tale," he encouraged Lucy to show viewers how clever she was by asking her to give hugs, play fetch and perform other adorable tricks.

“She constantly makes us laugh,” said Lester. “She’s a little performer.”

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Lester added — perhaps unsurprisingly — that Lucy always gives him a special greeting when he arrives home at the end of his day.

"When I come home from work, she puts on a celebration like you wouldn't believe," he said.

"It's nice to be loved like that," he added.

Lester Holt is going to be a ‘granddude’ again!