Lemurs Climb All Over BBC News Reporter in Hilarious Clip

It's a jungle out there.

Being a journalist can put one in some pretty wild and unexpected circumstances. Perhaps no one knows that better now than BBC News reporter Alex Dunlop.

On January 8, Dunlop visited the Banham Zoo in Norfolk, England for a report on the animal count at the facility.

While filming the segment, a group of lemurs decided they wanted to be front and center (who doesn’t like seeing themselves on the news?) and climbed all over and around Dunlop as he tried in vain to do his job.

The zoo’s lemurs used Dunlop as little more than a human jungle gym, occasionally giving him a slight nip on the hand.

The hilarious clip, in which Dunlop seems both slightly frustrated and highly amused by the ridiculous set of furry circumstances, has since gone viral.

The BBC correspondent assured viewers via his Twitter page that “no lemurs were hurt in the making of this movie” and wrotea blog post on the surreality of going viral and what it was like filming the now-infamous moment.

“Doing a piece to cameras with a few lemurs seemed like a good idea before I entered their pen, but quickly descended into farce,” Dunlop wrote, adding that the “dominant rogue red ruffed lemur” was trying to hog the spotlight, which whipped the others into a frenzy. (“That and a handful of tasty nibbles,” he added.)

The reporter joked that, after a career filled with moments reporting on serious topics, “My journalistic epitaph could be this… being mobbed by a bunch of Lemurs in Norfolk.”

He concluded the post with the reassurance that, “Only one injury was sustained at Banham Zoo—my pride.”