Learn About Your Dog's DNA and Get Hours of Obedience Training On-Demand

August 9, 2021 2 min read

Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you'll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. Many, many people adopted pets during the pandemic without thinking too much about it. Now, you're trying to run a business while a misbehaved dog is running around all over your household. You love your dog, and you appreciate the breaks they build into the day, but it really would be better if you got a handle over your household once again. If you need help with your precious pup, check out The All-in-One DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test & Dog Training Bundle .

Create Your Own Doggie First Aid Kit. You never know when an accident might happen so it’s recommended to have a first aid kit on hand just in case. Here’s a great list of basic items a pet first aid kit should have.

This bundle combines two best-selling pet products, the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test and a leading dog training bundle. With DNA My Dog, you can better understand your pup in a painless, scientific way. Just swab your dog's cheek, mail in the DNA sample, and in two weeks, you'll have detailed reports about your dog's unique characteristics. You'll better understand your dog's personality traits, breed mix, and DNA composition, and even learn about predisposition to disease. With all of this information, you'll be better equipped to train and care for your dog .

Use baking soda to get dog urine out of carpet. If you don't happen to have a product like Nature's Miracle on hand (maybe you're traveling or at a friends house), pour some baking soda over the spot, let it sit, and then sweep or vacuum it up.

Once you're armed with that information, you can delve into the eight training courses from leading dog behavior expert, Sharon Bolt (4/5-star instructor rating). Bolt is a pet celebrity in the UK, with a regular slot on BBC Radio where she answers numerous listeners' doggy dilemmas. She's written three books, recorded three CDs, and produced four DVDs on dog training. In these courses, she'll help you train your dog to stay nearby on a leash, stop barking, and much more. From puppy training to dietary suggestions, you'll learn how to intervene in your dog's life in a positive way.

Use a Front Clip Harness to Prevent Pulling on Leash. If your dog pulls on his leash get a harness that clips in the front. The harnesses that clip on the back promote more pulling. And when you’re working on leash manners ditch the retractable leash for a regular 6 foot one so your dog can get the feeling of what loose leash walking means.

Become a better dog owner. Right now, The All-in-One DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test & Dog Training Bundle is just $59.99 .

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