Lance Bass on how his dogs will adjust to newborn twins

“Bye Bye Bye” singer Lance Bass recently said "hi, hi, hi," as he welcomed his two newborn twins via surrogate earlier this month with husband Michael Turchin.In an Instagram post, Bass wrote, “The baby dragons have arrived!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I can not express how much love I feel right now. Thank you for all the kind wishes. It meant a lot. Now, how do you change a diaper??! Ahhhhhhhh!,” accompanied by two photos of the infants’ birth certificates.

However, despite his warm welcome into fatherhood, Bass was already a parent to his pair of dogs, Chip and Dale.

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“We weren't really in the market for another dog. We already had one, you know, at the house and we were fostering others,” Bass told TODAY.

But there was something special about these two, Bass seemed to think.

Walking into Vanderpump Dogs, Bass and his husband noticed that all dogs were “adopted immediately except (for) Chip and Dale.”

Though after seeing them, it was like love at first sight. “I just fell in love with them, like, OK, we'll take them home,” Bass said.

The couple, who did not initially intend on keeping the pups, has officially fallen in love.

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Bass, who joked that this was the most “Hollywood” way to rescue puppies after being first introduced to them by actress Kate Beckinsale, believes that Chip and Dale were the perfect fit for his now growing family.

“Yeah, they were definitely meant to be, I mean, you know fate definitely brought us the puppies that, that we needed and they are perfect. You could not choose better dogs for us,” Bass said.

As for how he thinks Chip and Dale will be around his newborns?

“It'll be very interesting to see how Chip and Dale are with the twins. I'm guessing they're going to be really great because they are fun, little, gentle dogs and super sweet. But you just never know and of course, we're going to be very, you know, careful at the beginning of introducing them,” Bass noted

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The ‘N Sync singer, who spoke with TODAY to promote his partnership with Starbucks, voiced how he thinks the two pairs will soon become best friends.

“Let them sniff them a good bit and we'll cuddle them a little bit and then hopefully they'll become the best brother and sister ever,” said Bass.

But as for the real question, would the twin pups make for potential movie stars? Bass seems to think not.

“I mean, I do love the movies, but they would be horrible. They're the worst trained dogs in the world.”

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We just might have to wait for the next set of twins, babies Violet and Alexander, to see if they will follow in their fathers’ footsteps in the world of entertainment.

But, with Halloween right around the corner and Bass’ Holiday Presence exchange with Starbucks, where he will share tips on how to make this holiday season more special, it is possible that we will see the newborns and the pups dressed up looking like movie stars.

“Every holiday we do try to, you know, dress up our dogs, they only allow us for a good five minutes to get a good picture and then we take it off.”

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To convey his love for both his dogs and newborns, Bass is currently in the works of writing various children's books that are based on Chip and Dale, joking that he doesn’t believe he will “be able to call them that, but that it will definitely be based on them.”