‘Klepto’ chihuahua caught with dozens of items stolen from other dogs

'Klepto' chihuahua caught with dozens of items stolen from other dogs
Frank is a friendly boy (when he’s not on the rob) (Picture: Jam Press)

A chihuahua with a penchant for taking things that don’t belong to him has been well and truly busted. as well as facing a ‘trial’ on Facebook.

Courtney Lyle, 34, from Texas, US, made the shocking discovery of hundreds of items stolen from neighbours when she went to mow her garden, finding toys stashed ‘everywhere’. Her three-year-old chihuahua, Frank, who weighs just 14lbs, had been robbing toys from her other two dogs and kept them hidden together outside – in the bushes, buried in the mud and even on tree branches.

Courtney snapped a photo of Frank posing next to the damning pile of evidence – with a cheeky grin on his face.

Frank normally acts as a service dog to George, a German Shepherd/Catahoula mix, and gets on well with Gary, a Labrador mix.

However, that strong bond hasn’t stopped him thieving everything they have, hiding it so they can’t find it again.

‘I’ve had a Bark Box toy subscription for a really long time and the toys come in the mail and keep piling up,’ Courtney told Jam Press.

‘However, they disappear from inside the house. We don’t have a doggy door so when I let them out I tell them ‘drop it’ so they will leave their toys.

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‘Well, little Frank has been managing to sneak them through all this time. We went to clean up the backyard to mow, which we hadn’t in a while, and to our surprise tons of toys were appearing from bushes, branches, buried under dirty and just hidden all over the place.’

'Klepto' chihuahua caught with dozens of items stolen from other dogs
He was named and shamed with this picture of his haul (Picture: Jam Press)

Courtney shared the picture of Frank posing happily with his bounty of stolen goods on Facebook earlier this week.

The dog owner captioned the post: ‘Meet Frank. Frank is a silly, super affectionate and playful little buddy. He thinks he is the big dog of my other two much larger dogs.

‘Frank likes to super sneak toys into the backyard and we never witness it – no doggy door either.

'Klepto' chihuahua caught with dozens of items stolen from other dogs
He loves his brothers, but he still won’t share with them (Picture: Jam Press)

‘This is the result of cleaning up the backyard to mow – they are stashed everywhere. Shame on your Frank for hoarding toys from your brothers.’

People online found the chihuahua ‘hilarious’ and even dubbed him ‘klepto’, after the name for the addition to stealing.

One person commented: ‘Oh Frank you sly devil – now you have to decide which one to take back out next.’

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‘Frank is the hide and seek dog champion,’ another person said, while someone else wrote: ‘What a collector – I love him posing proudly next to his life’s work.’

Others debated his innocence, with a commenter writing: ‘Frank, you’ve been falsely accused.

‘That totally wouldn’t stand up in court. You see that smile? That’s because he knows you don’t have any evidence against him – you even said so. Frank is innocent.’

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