King the wire fox terrier is top dog at Westminster show

His name officially is King Arthur Van Foliny Home. But you can just call him King.

And as of Tuesday night, you can also call the wire fox terrier best in show, as he took home the top prize at the 143rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

King, 7, is from Brazil and is a breed that has won 14 other times over the years, according to the Westminster Kennel Club , more than any other breed. Last year, a bichon frise named All I Care About Is Love took home the prize, and in 2017 it was a German shepherd named Rumor Has It.

King the wire fox terrier stands proud after winning best in show at the 143rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Tuesday.

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A Havanese named Bono came in second place out of over 2,800 dogs who entered the show this year. And on Saturday, a little papillion's performance at Westminster's Masters Agility Championship went viral.

King's handler, Gabriel Rangel, thought the dog in his care was the best, too.

"I look at King, he's like a beautiful painting, a piece of art," he told NBC News before the win . "The way he stands and performs, he's the whole package."

King is "the whole package," according to his handler.

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But there was a bit of controversy.

Bean the Sussex spaniel and Burns the longhaired dachshund were crowd favorites, and cries of "Bean! Bean! Bean" filled the arena, along with some scattered boos when neither he nor Burns were chosen, NBC News reported.

Burns and Bean were crowd favorites, but couldn't topple King.

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Nevertheless, it's about what the judge thinks in the ring, and King came out on top. He's now off to do some television appearances, take a trip up to the Empire State Building, enjoy a steak lunch at New York's Sardi's and maybe even have a walk-on role in Broadway's "Pretty Woman."

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There's no immediate monetary prize for the winner, whose owners receive a silver bowl. But being Best in Show means King will be a most-desired partner for breeding in the coming years, which is a prize all by itself.

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