Katherine Schwarzenegger gave Chris Pratt 2 pigs for his birthday — see the pic

Sure, Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt may now be married , but they continue to swine and dine each other.Pratt recently turned 40 , so, if you’re his new bride, what do you get the man celebrating a milestone birthday? If you’re Schwarzenegger, you get him two pigs.Pratt showed off the new additions to the family on Instagram.

“Thank you Katherine for my new pet Kune-Kune pigs!!! Best birthday present ever!! We named them Tim and Faith because they’re beautiful and their love is palpable and inspiring,” he wrote, a nod to the long-running romance between Tim McGraw and Faith Hill .
“I love them and can’t wait to watch them grow. And no they will not be bacon!” he wrote. “They are the newest members of the Friendly Kingdom, select animals including sheep, goats, and pigs who we’ve pardoned. They will spend their entire lives thriving at the farm, until they pass naturally many, many years from now.”

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Apply house rules consistently. When your pet knows what to expect from his behavior, he will be much more inclined to do more of what you approve of and less of what you don’t.

Pratt is proud to have more animals in the fold.

“Historically our relationship with animals has taught us so many valuable life lessons — ranging from the harsh realities of the cycle of life to the rewards of compassion, stewardship, love and care,” he wrote.

Pratt has never been shy of expressing his love for animals, often posting photos and

of the ones he owns.

Earlier this year, he even on his farm with a few of his sheep.