Kasautii Zindagii Kay: When you adopt an animal you're actually giving back to Mother Nature; the feeling is gratifying: Kunal Thakur

The campaign #AdoptDontShop has been trending on social media for a while now. And, while some celebrates are advocating adopting indies and abandoned pets, many have actually adopted strays. Actor Kunal Thakur, who believes in adopting pets instead of buying, is a parent to a kitten. The Kasauti Zindagi Kay actor people to bringing home a furry friend through adoption.

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The actor recently brought home a new family member — an adorable kitten named Caramel Thakur — feels that this bundle of joy has brought a lot of love and positivity in his life, even in the lockdown. Speaking about his new pet, Kunal says, "I am so happy to have Caramel in my life. She is beautiful. I used to have a pet dog, but that was not adopted. Caramel is the kitten of my neighbour’s cat, who is a rescued cat. Personally I feel there are so many animals around us who are abandoned. Stray dogs and cats, everyone they all deserves to be loved and a shelter. And I am happy that I have adopted Caramel," says Kunal, adding, "My life has changed and even lockdown has become interesting now. Though cats are more independent and do everything on their own, I do have to give her food and we have scheduled playtime.”

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Talking about the feeling of adopting an animal and giving it a home and love, Kunal explains, "When you adopt an animal you are actually giving back to mother nature. The feeling is gratifying, you also add good karma.”
On the work front Kunal is eager to be seen in Kasautii..., whose character was introduced in the show, just before the lockdown.

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