Just why were all these Golden Retrievers queuing up for a train?

Labradors waiting for train at Barnes station (Picture: Emma Potter)
Just some good doggos waiting for a train, nothing to see here (Picture: Emma Potter)
A huge pack of Golden Retrievers have been spotted behaving extremely well on a train platform. At least 15 of them were seen waiting for the next train to London Waterloo at Barnes Station on Sunday.

But all is not as it seems.

While it may have looked like the start of one great adventure, it turns out the dogs are future calendar stars.

The blonde dogs will feature in next year’s ‘Barnes Goldens’ calendar with all proceeds going towards Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

It’s safe to say the picture is making a lot of people very happy.

One person said: ‘I don’t know what it is but I want in on it.’

Another joked: ‘I bet that was a ruff train journey.’

Golden Retrievers spotted on train platform
They were on their way to Barking, probably (Picture: Twitter)
It was earlier thought the picture had been photoshopped, or the dogs belonged to the Southern Golden Retriever Society, which is known for performing obedience routines to music.

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But Ann Stephenson from the club said the dogs were nothing to do with them, and described the organisers as ‘reckless’.

She said: ‘If it is a genuine photo whoever organised it was very reckless, what if one of the dogs had bolted.’

One of the calendar organisers responded to the picture after it went viral across social media.

They said it was one of several shoots taking place in Barnes, and the calendar will be available to buy in a few local shops.