Just a dog walker with a dog on his shoulders

This little pug dog appears to be entirely in control of his master during their unusual walkies.

The pet is making its owner do all the hard work by standing on his shoulders during their daily stroll.

The pair are said to be a common sight around Motherwell, North Lanarkshire.

Student Connor Cassidy, 16, took this bizarre footage and asked the man why the black pug stood on his shoulders.

The owner replied ‘that’s just where the dog likes to be.’

Man carries dog on shoulder in Scotland Credit: Jukin Media
The pair are said to be a regular sight in Motherwell (Picture: Jukin Media)
Man carries dog on shoulder in Scotland Credit: Jukin Media
This lazy dog has an unusual idea of walkies (Picture: Jukin Media)
Connor shared the video on Twitter, where it has now been seen over 3,000 times.

He said: ‘I’ve seen him a few times and we were talking to him.

‘It’s so funny. The dog’s not got a lead or anything – it’s just standing there.

‘I videoed it because it was just so confusing. The dog looked like he was having a great time.’

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