Jogger desperately scales fence to escape aggressive pitbull

A terrified jogger was forced to scale a fence after a pitbull broke free from its leash and chased him down the street.

Shocking CCTV outside a home in Wicker Park, Chicago, showed the dog lunging at the man as he ran past him on the pavement.

The animal then slipped out of its muzzle and leash and started aggressively jumping up at the jogger while its owner struggled to get it back under control.

At first the man tried to shield himself with his arms, before he resorted to climbing the fence behind him.

He could then be seen sat on top of the gate on his phone as the owner still frantically chased the dog on the ground.

Climber scales fence to get away from dog
The dog would not leave the man alone (Picture: Matt Mikka)
Climber scales fence to get away from dog
He scrambled to the top of the gate to get away from the pitbull (Picture: Matt Mikka)

At one point, the pitbull ran out into the road and appeared to start barking at another person with their car door open.

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The dog was still not back on the leash by the end of the short clip.

The jogger, who had jumped down from the other side of the gate, could be seen pacing inside the garden while on the phone.

He suffered several bite marks to his arms but did not press charges against the woman.