Jessica Alba has close encounter with massive rattlesnake in chilling video

In one moment, Jessica Alba was serene as she posed for a photo, but that quickly turned to chaos after she looked down and realized she nearly stepped on a massive rattlesnake.Alba, 39, was minding her own business as she stood in front of a statue posing for a photo. The photographer suggested Alba take off her face mask so he could get one photo in portrait mode of the peaceful surroundings.

As Alba paused to take off her mask, she noticed the 5-foot snake on the ground and shouted, "Holy s**t!" Other people behind the camera could also be heard swearing and shouting after they discovered an unwelcome guest had slithered its way into the photo shoot.

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The mom of three shared the video on

. "When u unknowingly walk over a 5ft rattle," she wrote, along with a warning that the video contains "adult language."

While the "L.A.'s Finest" star wasn't harmed by the encounter with the snake, the chilling video certainly made an impression on the actor and entrepreneur.

Fans flooded the comments section with their thoughts on the scary video. While one person commented the snake could be a sign of good luck in their culture, most people expressed their shock and said they were glad Alba was safe.

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Alba's photoshoot partner. @jessicaalba / Instagram

"I just got so scared for you!" one fan wrote.

Someone also pointed out, "But he was probably just as shocked to see YOU standing next to him!"

"Wooooooooooooooow oh heyell no. Thank God it didn’t bite you," another person added."Protect Jessica at all costs!" someone else said.

Yikes! We're glad to see Alba is doing fine after the incident. And who could blame her for dropping a few expletives after seeing that giant snake? We probably would too!

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