Jack Russells are UK dogs with longest life expectancy as French Bulldogs have shortest

JACK RUSSELLS have the longest life expectancy of pet dogs in the UK, while French Bulldogs have the shortest, a new study suggests.

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The research by the Royal Veterinary College found the overall average life expectancy for pets was 11.2 years. Jack Russells Terriers lived the longest at 12.7 years, while French Bulldogs are expected to live just 4.5 years.

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According to the research, Border Collies had the second-longest life expectancy at 12.1 years, with Springer Spaniels third on 11.92 years.

Flat-faced breeds were found to have the shortest life expectancy.

After French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs had the second-shortest life expectancy at 7.4 years.Pugs were third at 7.7 years and American bulldogs fourth on 7.8 years.

french bulldogs

French Bulldogs are expected to live just 4.5 years (Image: GETTY)

Flat-faced breeds commonly suffer from a number of conditions including breathing problems.

The research also found there was a difference between the life expectancies of male and females, with male dogs living on average four months shorter (11.1 years).

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And in both male and female dogs, neutered pets were found to have a longer life expectancy than their non-neutered counterparts.

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Flat-faced breeds commonly suffer from a number of conditions including breathing problems (Image: GETTY)Dr Dan O'Neill, associate professor in Companion Animal Epidemiology at the Royal Veterinary College, and co-author of the paper, said: "Dogs have helped many humans to get through the loneliness and isolation of the Covid pandemic."These new VetCompass Life tables enable owners to now estimate how much longer they can benefit from these dogs.

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"The short life expectancies for flat-faced breeds such as French bulldogs shown by the VetCompass Life tables supports the UK Brachycephalic Working Group's call for all owners to 'stop and think before buying a flat-faced dog'."DON'T MISSHeartbreak as rescue dog overlooked in kennels for 450 daysDog surprises RSPCA rescuers by giving birth to litter of 13 puppiesDog desperate for owner who understands 'quirks' after year in kennels


Dog breed life expectancy

Jack Russell Terrier - 12.72 yearsYorkshire Terrier - 12.54 yearsBorder Collie - 12.10 yearsSpringer Spaniel - 11.92 years

Crossbred - 11.82 years

Labrador Retriever - 11.77 years

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Staffordshire bull Terrier - 11.33 years

Cocker Spaniel - 11.31 yearsShih-tzu - 11.05 yearsCavalier King Charles Spaniel - 10.45 yearsGerman Shepherd - 10.16 years

Boxer - 10.04 years

Beagle - 9.85 years

Husky - 9.53 years

Chihuahua - 7.91 years

American Bulldog - 7.79 years

Pug - 7.65 years

English Bulldog - 7.39 years

French Bulldog - 4.53 yearsDr Justine Shotton, British Veterinary Association president, said: "These life tables offer an important insight into the life expectancy of popular dog breeds in the UK and will be a useful tool for vets and pet owners in assessing dog welfare.

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"A concerning finding is the lower life expectancy for flat-faced breeds.

"While the study doesn't prove a direct link between these breeds' potential welfare issues and shorter length of life, the findings serve as a fresh reminder for prospective dog owners to choose a breed based on health, not looks."

The analysis is based on a random sample of 30,563 dogs that died between January 1 2016 and July 31 2020, from 18 different breeds and crossbreeds.

The new research from the RVC's Veterinary Companion Animal Surveillance System (VetCompass) programme means owners can predict the remaining life expectancy of their dog from different ages.

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The study, conducted in collaboration with researchers from the National Taiwan University (NTU) in Taiwan, is published in the journal Scientific Reports.

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