Is this be Britain’s unluckiest dog? Pet waiting more than a 1,000 DAYS for new home

BRITAIN’S unluckiest dog has been waiting more than a 1,000 days to find a home despite a massive campaign to change his bad fortune.

Top dog experts have been helping a leading animal charity to find Zen the luckless Staffie an owner but without success. Social media campaigns, newspaper headlines and lots of appeals have drawn nationwide attention to the sad-eyed pooch. Yet despite being “reserved” several times by potential owners, 10 year old Zen looks like spending another Valentine’s Day on the shelf.

Today the National Animal Welfare Trust made a special appeal for someone to love Zen and take him home, speculating that all the bad breaks have made him Britain’s "unluckiest rescue dog".

Zen first arrived at NAWT’s Hertfordshire sanctuary in 2016, having been transferred from its Berkshire rescue centre.

Jackie de Friez, NAWT branch manager at Watford, described his fluctuating fortunes. She said: “Zen is an older dog and despite having a lot of interest, we just haven’t been able to secure him a home.

“He has been on reserve eight or nine times but all have sadly fallen through.

Zen the Staffie looking forlorn

Zen the Staffie looking forlorn after 1,000 days waiting to be rehired (Image: NAWT)

Zen pleading for help wearing NAWT collar

Unlucky in love... Zen is being backed by a Valentine's Day appeal (Image: NAWT)

“Either the potential owners have pulled out, or their circumstances have changed and they could no longer give Zen a home.”

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Despite being feted on social media, coached by top trainers and having sleepovers and days out with animal charity staff, he awaits his forever home.

TV dog trainer Jo-Rosie Haffenden, from the School of Canine Science, has made several appeals for Zen after meeting him two years ago. She recently told her social media followers: “Zen is a dream. A dream who deserves a home.”

NAWT has also produced a profile for Zen in which he implores: “Firstly: I am very clumsy! I trip over air and run into things that clearly have just appeared there. But do not worry I shake it off and carry on!

“Secondly: I love people so much I want to be with you all the time, I do not seem to understand the need for personal space at times.

“Thirdly: I may be older but I sure don't act like it!”

Zen pleading for love

Zen and the art of pet maintenance as he pleads for an owner (Image: NAWT)

So much love to give yet still Zen waits.

NAWT’s Ms de Friez added: “We’re not sure what else we can do for Zen, but we’ll never give up.

“Although he’s a little older he never acts it and has so much energy. He loves to hurtle around, play with toys and is almost always up for a cuddle.

"He’s just a goofy, fun-loving dog that wants an owner who is home most of the time.”

NAWT says Zen’s ideal owner would be retired and experienced with dogs so they can spend most of their time with Zen and give him the time to settle and bond.

He needs to be the only pet in the home but can live with children aged 12 and over.

Zen’s profile can be seen at